Vibrasnubs and Flexable Strut Joints

Vibrasnub/Strut Joint Assembly

Vibrasnubs & Flexible Strut Joints

Vibrasnubs & Flexible Strut Joints are used to support structures and system components. Restrain unwanted structural movement. Accommodate high tensile and compressive load. Absorb dynamic vibration and shock loads. Handle compound motion due to torque and rotation.

When used in tandem, “Ball Type” Flexible Strut Joints provide a rigid structural support capable of resisting high tensile and compressive loads while allowing lateral, angular and rotation movement. The precision ball and socket construction provides a maintenance free rigid connection to brace piping, pressure vessels, boilers, tanks and other process equipment.

Strut Joints combined with Vibrasnub hydraulic vibration snubbers form an assembly that absorbs tensile and compressive shock and vibration loads while allowing gradual movements such a thermal growth. Additionally Contact Us for a quote or more information.

Dannenbaum LLC “Ball Type” Vibrasnubs and Flexible Strut Joints

provide the Direct Method to …

Support structures and system components restrain unwanted structural movements accommodate high tensile and compressive loads absorb dynamic vibration and shock loads

Handle compound motion due to torque and rotation



Dannenbaum LLC “Ball Type” Flexible Strut Joints

Double Actin g- Handles both tensile and compressive loads. Accommodates push, pull and slide movement with

positive control.

Precision Built-Factory machined to  close  tolerances and rigidly inspected. Reduces the possibility of danger­ ous errors in field construction.

Lower Cost-Lower initial cost compared to other motion control and restraint methods, and economical operation.

Maintenance Free-Permanently lubricated. No adjusting or service required.

Simple- Simplifies structural designing and eliminates the need for special struts, tie-rods, or clevis-and-pin arrangements which are not as flexible, and are subject lo stress and binding.

Sa1ety- High load carrying capacity for reliable service in severe conditions, combined with easy calculation of proper sizes to promote safety in structural design.

Dannenbaum LLC”Ball Type” Flexible Strut Joints may be applied for static or dynamic loads. They are equally rated for tensile or compressive loads. The most common uses are:.

  1. structural sway bracing for hot stacks and pipes;
  2. supports or hangers for horizontal piping;
  3. stability supports for tall or slender towers, structures or vessels;
  4. restraints to direct and control thermal expansion away from components that should not be stressed, such as turbine nozzles and pump flanges.

Compared to other restraint methods like sliding plate guides , A-frames or clevis-and-pin arrangements “Ball Type” Flexible Strut Joints are simple to apply, economical to erect and less cumbersome.